Rubicon Leadership Camp

Rubicon Outdoor School works with secondary schools in Victoria to develop outdoor education programs that support young people to build a variety of life skills. 

SRCS was very lucky to partner with Rubicon at the end of Term 2 to build leadership skills through a range of physically demanding challenges.Our time at Rubicon was packed full of outdoor adventures and the physical demands of each activity was dramatically increased by the terrible weather! Nonetheless our students rose to each of the challenges and learnt some incredibly valuable things about persistence, adequately preparing for outdoor activities and how to keep groups together and safe in the outdoors. The students hiked to the top of mountains in the rain, climbed to the top of the rock climbing wall in the wind and learnt how to ski in the sleet. We were looked after so beautifully by the professional and skilled Rubicon staff who adapted to the demands and needs of us to give us a uniquely valuable and incredibly fun experience.