Cohort Selection

The diagram below can be utilised to help identify students appropriate for referral to the SRCS Learning Spaces Re-engagement Program.

Students are grouped into three tiers based on the level of support that they need to engage with teaching and learning. If a student requires Tier 2 support in a particular area, we would expect a shift towards or into Tier 1 when appropriate interventions are undertaken. This can be applied to all aspects of school engagement including, for instance, academic abilities, participation, behaviour and social skills. Crucially, students can and usually do require different levels of support for different aspects of school engagement. 


The SRCS Learning Spaces Reengagement is designed for students who require Tier 2 interventions in all areas, with some exceptions made for one or two Tier 3 areas. In essence, the program has the capacity for small amounts of individual intervention (Tier 3) and high levels of small group intervention (Tier 2) whilst maintaining policies and processes that mirror those of mainstream schools.


Our aim is to shift students' level of need towards lower Tiers in problematic areas. Our program does not provide a 'quick fix', promising to move all students to Tier 1, but aims to make marked improvements in a number of problematic areas relating to student engagement, opening opportunities and assisting with the implementation of recommendations for mainstream schools to work positively with students and their families to rebuild relationships and achieve more successful outcomes moving forward. 



Tier 3

Long term intensive individualised support required in order to possibly shift into Tier 2.

Tier 2


Small group instruction and additional support, has the potential to shift the student into Tier 1.

Tier 1


Functions well with lower levels of individualised support available