Our Mission

To support the re-engagement of junior secondary students in their current mainstream settings via a short-term intervention program.

Our program is designed for students who have a history of disengagement with mainstream education, who's engagement has now diminished to a point that they are considered ‘at-risk' of negative personal and/or educational outcomes.

Our program is voluntary and all parties – students, their families, and their schools – must demonstrate both a desire for mainstream re-engagement to occur and a willingness to meet the requirements of our program in order for placement to be considered. Please note that referrals are not always able to be accommodated immediately.

The objective of our program is to re-engage students with their current mainstream settings. Our program is not designed with the intention of supporting student transition into long-term educational settings.   

Short-term intervention program: Our thirteen-week program mirrors typical mainstream secondary policies and practices, but differs in our high staff-to-student ratio that enables increased capacity for student support, monitoring and targeted intervention. Program Phases