School Values & Philosophy

Student Agency


At Sydney Road Community School (SRCS) students are at the core of everything we do. SRCS believes that students who are more engaged in their learning experience more successful outcomes. 


At SRCS we create the space for student voice, agency and leadership to flourish so students can focus on curriculum and assessment requirements. You will see that student voice, agency and leadership evolves as teachers create a learning partnership approach by including students in curriculum planning, in setting goals and in the assessment process.


All students are invited to participate in the Student Representative Council and we have student representation on the School Council. Student agency is always at the forefront of any change and development of the school through action teams or Principal working groups.



Circle Time


At SRCS Circle Time happens at the end of each day from 3.10 - 3.30. It is primarily a space for students, contact teachers and ES staff to meet and reflect on the day they’ve just had, prepare for the following day, and leave school feeling calm. 


Circle Time is more than just daily reflective practice, Circle Time creates an opportunity to build community in the class. Our contact groups are stronger because of the personal social connections that are made during Circle Time. 


Circle Time is also a time that is used to teach and practice restorative concepts, pro social skills, explicit social and emotional learning. The qualities required for excellent communication; active listening, constructive conversations, confidence, sharing feedback, respect, empathy and understanding verbal and non verbal cues are also explicitly taught and practiced across each year. 


Stand Out Group


Stand Out is SRCS's student-driven LGBTQIA+ club, providing a safe space for students to discuss their issues and plan events. Students have run fundraisers, activity days and helped out in the school and community. Stand Out runs weekly at the Sydney Road main campus, facilitated by staff who are also members of the LGBTQIA+ community.