Sydney the School Dog

It is with great sadness that we reach out to let you know that our beloved school dog, Sydney, has passed away. After recovering well from having her infected gallbladder removed over the Easter holidays, she suddenly became very ill with aggressive cancer that had spread through her organs. 

We had to make the compassionate decision to end her suffering. We know the impact of her death will have on our school will be deeply felt and we want to ensure that we all have the time and support we need to process this information.

For those in our current school community who wish to participate, we will hold a celebration service for Sydney on Friday the 3rd of May, beginning at 11 am and concluding at around 12 pm. There will be opportunities to remember Syd and celebrate her place in our school and individual lives. There will be no classes running on the day and we invite you to attend this celebration with your young person(s). For students and families who do not wish to attend there is no requirement to. 

Sydney was very lucky to receive extraordinary high quality and compassionate care during her short sickness at the Advances Vet Care hospital in Kensington. The hospital is looking for old towels to be used in their service, so if you would like to donate a towel please bring one into school as some of our students will be organising a towel drive in memory of Syd.