The Battle Of Dog Poo Park

On the 15th of September, in the last week of term 3, the Juniors' joint humanities classes marched to the beat of Ross’s war drums over to Randazzo park (aka Dog Poo Park) for a Medieval tourney.

After weeks of dedicated effort working in collaboration with Senior VCAL students creating outfits and weapons (swords, shields, battleaxes, amour, maces and an amazing flail) it was finally time to put their makings to the test.
To the soundings of the bugle horn, seniors Sassy and Luca started proceedings with a classic example of Single Combat which proceeded as expected with Luca being beaten senseless. The fury didn't stop there as both teams declared war! They fought with cunning in the initial capture the flag battle which soon descended into an all out free for all battle.
The fruit of weeks of hard work were obliterated within minutes and we made our way back to school once again to the beat of the drum.