Planting Brunswick Train Station

When Jack and Josh were Junior students they created a plan to green up the Brunswick Train Station and met with Merri-bek Council, the owners of The Railway Hotel and The Brunswick Stationeers to finalise a design.

When the plans were finally ready to put into action covid hit and the project kept getting postponed.

On Monday afternoon the current Middle years students helped Jack and Josh fulfil this 5 year long project and 50 shrubs and grasses were planted along the fence line of Brunswick Train Station. Even though 50 plants was a very watered down version of the original plan, it was very important to do something before they graduated, and it was a really beautiful way to start the term. Alex from Merri-bek Council supplied everything and taught the students the most succesful way to plant in the tough planting conditions of the train station. We would like to thank Alex for not giving up on us and sticking with us for 5 years to see this project happen.