Community Camp

It’s hard to believe it was only a few weeks ago that we were exploring the beautiful beaches and walks of Angelesea at this year's community camp.

 We were very lucky to catch the last of the beautiful weather and this gave us many opportunities to be out in nature and appreciate some time out of the city. The students rose to the challenges of camp and participated in an action packed schedule which saw them working on building strong and positive relationships with each other and the staff in attendance. We stayed right on the coastline and took every opportunity to visit, walk, swim and explore the beach on different days in different locations. We tried out a range of walks and spent quite a bit of time at camp participating in activities that required students to work together to complete various challenges. We volunteered at Common Ground, a regenerative farm that supplies restaurants and residents with locally grown produce. Half of us propagated comfrey seedlings and the other half filled buckets with compost and then distributed this along two rows of the garden. The students were very engaged in this work and worked really hard to do it correctly and cooperatively. The team at Common Ground were impressed with the willingness of students to get in and do the work that was asked of them. The students also worked really hard on feeding each other and every meal was a beautiful feast. Students took their role in cooking a meal very seriously and  the results were absolutely delicious. The Eumerella Scout Camp was a fantastic location and we’ve already decided to go back there next year.