Hands on Learning

The ‘Hands on Learning’ team have had a very energised start to the year after the stops and starts of the previous year. 

Following on from the ‘goat feeders’ Lucien built for Dreaming Goat Dairy at Monageeter, the whole team had the unique opportunity to visit the farm and “Lucien the goat” named in honour for all student Lucien's work. Plans have been made for all the students to pre- fabricate a shed back at school for the kid goats. This is to be installed at the farm, giving the students the experience to work as a team to plan, problem solve, build, transport and assemble the shed ready for the farm's spring kids.

Other tasks taken on with enthusiasm by the team this year have been re-roofing the garden shed, repairing the vegetable garden boxes in readiness for a big plant up!

The latest endeavour  is the “Great Chair Challenge” working in pairs the HoL participants have set out to design and construct chairs with the guidelines - to seat one person, made out of wooden pallets, comfortable, safe, use joinery skills and have artistic merit.

It has been great to see the teams work so well together and give constructive and positive feedback on each other's chairs.

We recently welcomed a new Artisan to our team - Richard Corbett - who brings a wealth of knowledge and skills.