Teaching and Learning

If you have walked into the SRCS hall during the term you will have seen a board full of energy and ideas about how we can further build consistency, power and impact into teaching and learning across our school.



We have started with an instructional outline that gives us a common language and also helps us make our teaching visible, predictable and structured. We are calling it an outline rather than a model because it is a working structure, like the frame of the house that we will continue to fit out so that it meets the needs of our students, and the broader school community.

Over the next year we will be digging into each section, exploring theories and practice, and observing each other in the classroom to enhance not only theoretical understandings but practical applications that keep the needs and interests of our students front and centre in every class, for every student, every day.

We are starting by looking at the first two sections ‘entry’ and ‘engage’.

The entry part is about making sure that we start each learning experience with energy and purpose. We will be looking at what activities students do as they walk in, how they are greeted and how different students with different needs can utilise these important first minutes to get themselves ready to learn. The ‘engage’ section is about making our learning visible, and making sure that students know what we are going to learn, how this fits in with the broader learning narrative and what they need to be successful.

By being clear about our learning intentions and the success criteria that go along with them we help every student walk out of every class knowing, understanding or being able to do something they could not do when they walked in.