Community Engagement in Learning

SRCS is hosting a Term One Junior Sleepover for our year 7 and 8 students on Thursday, March 31.



In Community class students have been exploring their identity and how their understanding of themselves impacts their contribution to various communities.

Planning the sleepover has given the students a real life activity that builds the community in their class and offers opportunities to practice the skills they have been learning. Students will be participating in activities that offer plenty of moments to practice using positive social skills and build successful relationships with peers and staff, it will also help prepare students for going on camps in the future. 

Students invited their contact teachers to collaboratively plan the activities and menu in Community class and have collectively agreed on everything that is happening. The sleepover will officially start at 1.40 on Thursday, after lunch, and will finish at 9am on Friday, April 1. Students that sleepover will not have classes on Friday but classes will run as usual for students that don’t sleepover. There are many reasons that students may not be ready to sleep over and students have been offered the choice to come to certain activities and meals. If you would like to discuss the sleepover in more detail, please speak with your young person’s contact teacher or send Mel an email on